I love Repair and Apple Products. There isn't a device I own that I haven't cracked into. I use a 2011 21.5" iMac, iPhone 6 Jailbroken, and an iPhone 6 Plus. I also have many old broken phones that are sitting in my proud collection. Below are some images of what I use daily. 
More about them:
iMac - My iMac is from 2011, but yet I just bought it this year, if you have an old computer, there is no reason to get rid of it, upgrade it. Mine has an astounding 16GBs of RAM and an SSD. An SSD will make you computer 10+ times faster. With speed like this doing heavy tasks like photoshop is a breeze. 
iPhone 6 - I love customization, and my iPhone 6 takes this to the next level. Outfitted with a unique case, dbrand skin, glowing Apple logo, dynamic audio LED's and a jailbroken experience, there is nothing like it. When I got my first real phone, this one, I had been heavily interested in tech for a while. When I got it, I went all out, and I love it. Jailbreaking opens up a whole new world of uniqueness and customization. This is honestly the perfect phone, my only critique is its color (I prefer black phones) and it's growing age.
iPhone 6 Plus -  This was a gift that was broken and I fixed it up with a new screen and unbent it in a vice. This phone is mainly a backup and for using a bigger screen and testing new softwares like iOS 12. It is also a bit more reliable due to the bigger battery.
These are the devices I use, just though I'd share as I get daily questions.
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